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All kegs larger than 5ltr require a deposit of $35.00 (Fully Refundable) and Service Fee (drop-off & Pick-up) of $20.00 (non-refundable). Additional tip can be added during checkout (optional). Pickup for rented accessories and empty kegs can be scheduled in advance or later. To schedule a pick upEmail usChat with us. All rented accessories including kegs, must be returned empty and working condition or the cost will be recovered from the deposit. Products Marked as ""48 hr Adv Notice Reqd" are not readily available in stock and hence cannot be delivered the same day.

All kegs will only be dropped off or picked up, we are not responsible for connecting/disconnecting kegs from your system, please do not solicit our delivery person to perform any of such tasks. Any solicitation is not our responsibility.

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